Individual freedom and fiscal responsibility are crucial for California’s future.



California’s debt problem is way out of hand: even conservative estimates of our unfunded liabilities and debts come out to over $400 billion. By extravagantly spending beyond our means (often at the behest of special interests), we push this debt onto our children for our own benefit, which will ultimately result in an economic crisis in their lifetimes, if not ours. Though proponents of reckless spending wave away this problem by suggesting we simply tax the rich, there is no guarantee big California businesses or their owners will continue to function or remain in our state after such a tax hike, leaving us with an even larger problem. Irresponsible spenders know this, which is why we continue to see our debt increase faster than taxes can keep up with. I will seek out every opportunity to fix this economic insolvency and steer California away from economic collapse by reducing spending on wasteful projects and lobbyists’ demands.


As more and more people move to Los Angeles, the need for housing rapidly increases. However, restrictive zoning laws and building regulations make it difficult to meet this growing demand, causing skyrocketing rents and housing costs. Though some suggest forcing renters to maintain certain prices, this does not address the primary problem: there is simply not enough housing to meet the demand of our growing population, forcing prices continuously higher. I will work towards making housing development easier, thus alleviating the problems of costly rents and homelessness in our city, all while allowing for more construction jobs and greater economic growth.


It is the right of every person to control their own body and mind. However, the misguided War on Drugs has sought to impede these rights, and in doing so, incarcerated millions, proliferated gang violence, and created incentives for addicts to avoid seeking help. Though California has some of the most lenient drug laws in the country, possession or sale of most drugs is still at least a misdemeanor, and there are currently over 5,500 men and women in California prisons for drug-related offenses. I will work to decriminalize drug use, eliminate the violent black market for drugs, and allow addicts to receive the aid they need rather than face punishment.


The quality of education in the United States has rapidly been declining, consistently ranking outside the top ten for math and science in the world, despite spending more money per student than anywhere else in the world. Clearly, money is not the issue. California has the lowest high school graduation rates in the country, a statistic that indicates our system is not giving our children the best opportunity to succeed. Rather than simply pushing for more education funding, I will fight for sensible education policy reform such as supporting school voucher systems, charter schools, and resistance to ineffective administrative and Department of Education regulations that make our teachers’ jobs more difficult.


It is the natural right of every person to move, whether it is to escape tyranny or improve their economic situation. The forceful restriction of persons from crossing arbitrary political boundaries not only harms hopeful immigrants, but prevents individuals from participating in economic activity and producing wealth in our communities. The arguments against immigration are economically illiterate, and the treatment of undocumented people has been inhumane. I will support the right of California’s sanctuary cities to protect their immigrants, the opposition to federal enforcement programs such as I.C.E., and the free movement of people.

© 2018 by Christopher Stare for State Assembly

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